y husband, Ben, and I live in Lexington, Virginia with our two precious puppies: our sweet, chocolate lab mix, Boone, and our silly goldendoodle, Bodhi. Ben and I were both born and raised in Lexington and Rockbridge County and love calling this little slice of Heaven home!

You can usually find me wearing some shade of pink, watching "The Office" (I've honestly lost track of how many times I've seen it at this point), cheering on my Virginia Tech Hokies (LET'S GO!), and stealing kisses and cuddles from our precious furbabies! While Ben and I love to travel and experience new places together, there's also nothing like a quiet night at home binging our latest show and cuddling with our pups. 

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Named after Patrick Swayze's character in "Point Break" (AKA one of Ben's favorite movies), Bodhi is our sweet and silly Goldendoodle who loves playing with his big brother and stealing his Mama's popcorn whenever he gets a chance. 


More affectionately known as  "Boonie Bear", Boone is our lab, golden, and chow-mix. He's a proud Mama's boy who's the best and sweetest little cuddle bug around. We honestly believe he thinks he's human, and it doesn't help when he insists on using a blanket and pillow just like one! 


The heart and dreamer behind BSE, Brooke loves all-things pink and feminine (if you haven't noticed already) and tries to spread a little Disney magic whenever she possibly can. See those pups? She takes #extradogmama to a whole new level with her love for those two!


Brooke's fun-loving, big-hearted, beer-brewin' best friend and husband. You can usually find him grilling out in our backyard, watching Boston sports, or at a Drive By Truckers concert! 




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Follow along as I share about my life in Lexington, VA with my husband, Ben, our sweet puppies, and the wedding days I'm lucky to be a part of. If you love love, weddings, and pictures of cute pups, you're in the right place! (You may also notice a common theme of a lot of pink!)