y husband, Ben, and I live in Lexington, Virginia with our two precious puppies: our sweet, 4 year old Chocolate Lab, Boone, and our silly, 2 year old Goldendoodle, Bodhi. I am at my happiest spending a quiet Friday night at home with my fellas, binge-watching our latest pick on Netflix and cuddling our pups until my heart is content. You can usually find me wearing some shade of pink, eating macaroni and cheese (if it's my Momma's recipe, even better!), and spending time with my incredible family. 

This started as a big dream...

From the moment I happily cried "YES!" to Ben as he was down on one knee in a hot air balloon (that's right -- the hubs did GOOD, y'all), I fell in love with every aspect of wedding planning. But more importantly, I loved dreaming of the future Ben and I would share together as husband and wife. Our wedding day was -- honest-to-goodness -- the happiest and most magical day I could have ever imagined, and my heart could burst thinking about how our love and commitment to God and each other was so joyfully celebrated among our dearest friends and family that it seems like it was straight out of a fairy tale. And that is my goal: to create an experience for my couples where they can be present in feeling the complete and utter bliss their wedding day, kicking their life together as Mr. and Mrs. on the happiest note possible!

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Wife, Overprotective Pup Mama, Self-Proclaimed Disney Princess, Proud Hokie, Dreamer, Wedding and Event Planner, and Owner of Brooke Shehan Events

P.S. It's okay if you judge us a little bit for the unintentional "B" names. (But after we brought Bodhi home, we just decided to stick with tradition.)

Named after Patrick Swayze's character in "Point Break" (AKA one of Ben's favorite movies), Bodhi is our sweet and silly 2 year old Goldendoodle who loves playing with his big brother and stealing his Mama's popcorn whenever he gets a chance. 


More affectionately known as  "Boonie Bear", Boone is our 4 year old lab, golden, and chow-mix. He's a proud Mama's boy who's the best and sweetest little cuddle bug around. We honestly believe he thinks he's human, and it doesn't help when he insists on using a blanket and pillow just like one! 


The heart and dreamer behind BSE, Brooke loves all-things pink and feminine (if you haven't noticed already) and tries to spread a little Disney magic whenever she possibly can. See those pups? She takes #extradogmama to a whole new level with her love for those two!


Brooke's fun-loving, big-hearted, beer-brewin' best friend and amazing husband. You can usually find him grilling out in our backyard, watching Boston sports, at a Drive By Truckers concert, or doing "market research" for his job as a Brewer. ;)


I am SO proud of my little family and I love them hard. Pop on over to my Instagram as I share more about these sweet fellas and our adventures with the hashtag, #theshehans! Until then, get to know more about them below.




A few of my favorite things that make my heart extra happy. Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag, #bseloves, to learn more about what inspires me.



Anyone who knows me would tell you that I LOVE all-things Disney with every part of my being (to the point where it may be a definite obsession), and they wouldn't be lying! Shout out to the best Momma for raising me on the magic of dreaming and Mickey Mouse. Being at Walt Disney World wearing my rose gold Mickey Ears, eating a Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar, and hugging Pooh Bear is my idea of a dream vacation. As Peter Pan says, "I'll never grow up!" 



My life motto: If it doesn't move, monogram it! Seriously, about 94% of our home goods are monogrammed and I take the opportunity to proudly showcase my new initials whenever possible. 




As far as Ben and I are concerned, our world revolves around our furbabies, Boone and Bodhi. We are totally those dog parents - you know, the ones who think their puppies are the cutest puppies in the world? Well, ours actually are so there's that. Follow along with me on Instagram as I overshare cute pictures of these sweet boys with the hashtags, #booneshehan and #bodhishehan! 


Our Furbabies


You also know how every child says they have the best parents in the world? Well, I have no doubt that I actually do. My Momma is the most selfless and caring woman you will ever meet and I'm certain my Pops is actually the nicest man in the world because of his gentle soul and kind spirit. Weekly dinners with my parents are required, and routine sleepovers with the grand pups at "Maw Maw and Paw Paw's" are demanded. They are my people and I love them hard.




They're salty, they're sweet, and they're highly addictive! No, really - I think it's impossible to not eat an entire bag in one sitting. (Oh, that's just me? Cool...)

Pretzel M&M's




As my main girl Lilly Pulitzer once said, "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." I adore so many of these bright and colorful prints and can't help but feel so joyful and happy when I wear them. A gal can never have too much Lilly (as evidenced by my closet apparently)! 

Lilly Pulitzer

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As I share about life as a newlywed in Virginia with my husband, Ben, and our sweet puppies. If you love love,  weddings, and pictures of cute dogs, you're in the right place! (You may also notice a theme of pink -- lots and lots of pink.)